Benefits of Steroids

What are steroids?

Any athlete knows about steroids. Almost every person professionally involved in sports has theoretical information about these tools, although not all of them use steroids.

Steroids are chemicals based on cholesterol. Most believe that these drugs are only needed to accelerate muscle growth. But besides this, they have many other different effects on the body. Previously, steroids were considered a drug and were used for medical purposes: in the treatment of dystrophy.

The Effects of Steroid Use

It is not correct to assume that these substances improve only some indicators of the body and raise athletic performance.

These drugs also have other beneficial properties:

Reduces pain due to arthritis;
Increase respiratory rate;
Increase the venous muscles;
The recovery period after injuries passes faster;
Accelerated muscle recovery after power loads.
Many bodybuilders and other athletes use steroids only to increase muscle volume, but in fact this is a concomitant factor in the effect of increasing strength.

Due to steroids for muscle growth, the thickness of myofibrillary proteins (actin and myosin), responsible for muscle contraction, increases. To achieve this effect, you need to exercise regularly and do not forget about proper protein nutrition.

Side effects

Despite the many positive effects, steroids, and there are many negative aspects, manifested in the mindless use of drugs or in non-compliance with the necessary conditions.

The use of steroids will be appropriate and reasonable, only if there is a lack of personal resources of the body for the growth of muscle volumes.

For amateur level, you can achieve normal results without steroids. World-class professional bodybuilders quickly run into their maximum with natural training, and without steroids, progress stops. Therefore, if you want to win and be the best, you will have to resort to using steroids.

Many do not even think about the harmful effects of steroids on human health. They believe that when taking small dosages – nothing bad will happen.

Even using steroids in small portions, they can have a negative effect on the body, especially on the liver, kidneys and heart. But the worst is hormonal disorders due to the use of these drugs, when the body no longer knows how much and what hormones need to be produced.